De Green Terraces Go To Zero Waste (English Version)

How much garbage each family per day?

Let us assume that the garbage in one of a family of 2 kg, then if in the environment there could be an estimated 200 families 400 kg of waste per day, or 2800 kg of waste per week. Amounts are still relatively easy to handle, than when counting in a large region, city or province. So if Jakarta has 6500 tons of waste per day, can be estimated how busy resolve the waste problem. Not to mention the level of public discipline and weak local government to handle the issue.

Why should manage its own environmental waste?

1. The first reason is the high cost of retribution withdrawal waste managed by local governments, count only charged 20,000 per month rupiah per household, – multiplied by 200 families obtained the figure of Rp 4.000.000, -. It was just moving trash to other places that do not necessarily run properly, as well as the possibility of increased future retribution.

2. Second, the need for waste management learning 3 R (Reduce, Reuse, Recyle) Rethink plus for people who already know that the Indonesian people in general have a high-enough discipline. Environmental knowledge, technology and management of waste management will probably help a bit of piles of trash in the landfill to make this program as a pilot project in general district level of Tajurhalang – Bogor.

3. The urgency of environmental-based waste management can be seen from the data flood that occurred during the bead area which helped move the garbage from upstream to downstream. So that also contributed to the shallowness of the river and increase the quota garbage in the capital city.

Management of waste in principle is to reduce as much as possible the volume of waste, it is therefore necessary:


Garbage Bank

1. Creations to recycle waste, 2. Simple tool to burn plastic waste, 3. Technology for waste electrify (PLTS), 4. How to pressing waste, 5. Motivation to not produce waste, 6. The desire to reform the former landfill into a park or the like, 7. Science to protect groundwater and ecosystems etc.

As well as the fate of a small settlement outskirts of the bead are not considered environmental sustainability by the developers, are also experienced by settlers in De Green Terraces Kalisuren. Although the name De Green but in reality it is not very green and away from the action on environmental sustainability as well as waste and greening.


Design buildings that are often used today

Some things that are being sought solution is:

1. Buying land far from the settlement of approximately 200 m2, assuming the most expensive land price Rp.300.000, -, per meter of land required for the purposes of making a capital of 60,000,000, – rupiah.

2. Technology cost and plastic waste burning tool to dissolve and re-form into new products such as plastic brick, house number, ashtrays, tables and other trinkets creations.

3. The cost of training of human resources to manage integrated waste management 3 R-based environment

4. The construction cost for the Integrated Waste Management land area 200m2

5. Vehicle operating costs in particular operational waste carrier



With the financial condition of the people who have not been adequate to finance waste management, then try to take the initiative rumahteraskalisuren offer this program to CSR companies, governments or institutions are concerned and interested in waste management in Bogor area particularly as a contributor to the problem of flooding and garbage in Jakarta as the capital of the state.

This program is expected to be a motivation for other settlements to perform the same program and provide learning to the surrounding community so that it can transform science to environmental programs that the biggest problem humanity today.

Please call contact rumahteraskalisuren if you are interested  to help ease the realization of the program De Green Terraces Go To Zero Waste.


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